Monday, 6 August 2007

UFO sightings published by MoD

The Telegraph reports that UFO sightings have been published by the MoD.
The ministry has published details of 97 reports of unidentified flying objects in 2006, opening a treasure trove of potential information to those who believe we are not alone.

Oh dear... Well, better to have the claims in the open so anyone can criticise or support them in public debate - should anyone be bothered. UFO popularity has seem to have gone by its sell-by data or has it? Anyway the article, after listing many UFO report summaries, concludes with.

The MoD published the details after a Freedom of Information Act request, a spokesman said.

She said the ministry did not investigate each and every report.

"We only investigate if there have been any objects in British air space that may be military," she explained.

How many might forget these might not be properly researched and those that are, are examined only from a stated specific interest anyway? We shall see.


overcaffein8d said...

i seriously think that aliens are more likely to exist than god... not that they do.

martino said...

I think it more likely than not that there is other sentient life in the universe. However this is not my point. See another recent post. Is there really something out there?