Wednesday, 1 August 2007

So, is there really something out there?

My initial response to this article in the Yorkshire Post was that it was some uncritical quasi-editorial advertising for a new pro-UFO book. Then I read
The authors describe themselves as "sceptics about any form of supernatural event, and agnostics about there being an extra-terrestrial element in any UFO sighting".
My first response to such disclaimers is to see what they actually say rather than what they claim, as often in dubious works the two are quite different. However this does get more intriguing as they then go on to say that:
"Each generation finds its own unique way to express supernatural beliefs, and faith in flying saucers and aliens is ultimately a product of our time, as belief in witchcraft was a characteristic of the Middle Ages.

"For the 20th century, UFOlogy was just one manifestation of humanity's quest to find an answer to the question: Are we alone? It remains to be seen if that question will be answered in the millennium which lies ahead."
I am not interested in this topic enough to get the book but some of you might be. Flying Saucerers: A Social History of UFOlogy by David Clarke and Andy Roberts is published by Heart of Albion Press