Thursday, 9 August 2007

Police challenge Dispatches Undercover Mosque Program

In January I posted youtube links to a Dispatches program Undercover Mosque. Thanks to the attention from an anonymous commentor, I find that there are two significant developments.

First is the report that Channel 4 is being reported by the police to OfCom for distorting the content yet the speakers, who apparently have never denied what they have said as being out of context, go unchallenged! (The full text of this report has been provided in the latest comment on my original post). In another news report on this we read

The move came after police first investigated allegations against preachers featured in Dispatches, which tackled claims of Islamic extremism, in order to discover whether public order offences had been committed.

After viewing hours of footage, the investigators were sufficiently disturbed by the way the documentary had been assembled to seek a censure and possible legal action against its makers.

The Crown Prosecution Service also said the show "completely distorted" what the trio said, a claim that Channel 4 rejects.
In addition

The Metropolitan Police said on 7 August 2007 that a second Dispatches programme was also being investigated. 'Britain Under Attack' featured a man known as "Abu Mohammed" who disguised his face with a scarf and said British Muslims were in "a state of war" and that the 7 July bombings were "justified".

I did not see this latest program but found it on youtube. I will provide links in the next post and note that I have not had time to watch it myself yet.