Thursday, 22 January 2009


I can write in a single paragraph that which requires ordinary mortals an entire sentence to get across...

I have converted my google nickname/handle from "martino" to "faithlessgod". This is for consistency with my online forum nickname which is ... faithlessgod. So anywhere I comment you will sent faithlessgod now instead of martino.

Someone on the CFI forum recently asked why I used that nickname/handle. It came about because a character called Ford Vox started an alternative to the Brights at This is now a defunct website but you can see a version of it thanks to the WayBackWhenMachine. Anyway it was not of much interest but offered free email addresses to those who registered. I could not think of a better email address than ""! I only used it once to send a letter of complaint to Stephen Green of the Christian Voice, since, for some reason, I thought it ironic to use that email address. Mysteriously I started getting christian and only christian spam. Hmm... wonder how that happened? Just a thought, I do not know the current status of anti-spam laws in the UK, but if the originator can be held liable for spam this might be a good way to catch Stephen Green out :-) ? Anyway the email was a crap service though - it had no spam filtering (without paying - I certainly was not going to pay to get rid of spam from Stephen Green!) Well I think you can now guess how I came up with this nickname/handle.


Danny Boy, FCD said...

I like the domain name. If the owner decides to free up the domain, I'd try to pick it up. I have an email address which I still use sometimes. There is a rudimentary spam filter, and I've been spared from the majority of spam sent to that address(it's a public email address viewable in my blog).

If I can't buy the domain, or if the owner decides to stop supporting the free email service, I'd start looking for another not-too-confrontational atheistic email address to sign up for (to affirm my nontheism in a respectful way). provides an address, I could give it a try.

faithlessgod said...

Yes I did like that address but found the service poor. I think orththodox jews would have a particular problem with it as they are not mean to write the name god instead writing g-d. I am sure, as far they were concerned that my email address was taking g-d's name in vain! Unfortuntely I cam across none at that time to give my email address to :-(

Dunno if the same applies to any Christians or Muslims sects.

OTOH people thought I was connected with the band faithless!