Sunday, 12 August 2007

Is Penrhyn Old Hall Haunted? UK-Paranormal thinks so

Having recently noticed UK-Paranormal, started by "medium" Sheen Young, another item quickly popped up in BBC North Wales.
UK-Paranormal Investigators, who are based in North Wales, are the first paranormal group to research the building and hold an overnight vigil. The staff of the hall report such phenomena as strange noises, items being moved and feelings of never being alone.
Many claims were made in this article, with some qualifications, such as
Our technical crew reported: "We encountered a lot of audio and visual phenomenon throughout the night, some of which was caught on camcorder and digital camera,we will be doing alot of analysis in order to rule out any possible logical explanations, but some of which we personally witnessed dumbfounded us entirely."
My previous post on them stimulated some comments. I repeat what I said there, if they are as confident of their claims as these newspaper articles make out, lets test them and see. Some of their claims could be testable in the ASKE psychic challenge.


B. said...

I am from New York and owned a house in which was torn down and redone. On the original front door it had a metal door knocker in which I have that is a devil and that reads Penrhyn Old Hall. Can you educate me on this. I have been seeking out information for a while with no answers.