Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Paranormal group puts Plas Teg on tourist map - aaagh!

In today's Evening Leader, an online rag in Wrexham we read:
UK-Paranormal, a well established investigation group based in the Rhyl/Prestatyn area, were filmed while at Plas Teg by French TV broadcasting company France 3 as part of a programme about interesting places to visit in Britain.
Well who are UK-Paranormal?
Set up by medium Sheena Young in 2005, it now has between 40 and 50 members, who travel around the country carrying out investigations in various haunted hot-spots, and a core team of four dedicated members also make private house calls to people who are having problems with paranormal visitors.
Enough said...


Anonymous said...

UK-Paranormal an excellent premiere paranormal research team, who DO NOT fool the general public with myths over paranormal activity but supply facts for public to make their own conclusion. They are not another commercial based group out to make money by charging extortionate prices. Pity the newspaper headline let the team down!
Well done you UK-Paranormal people, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

its a pity that who ever started this posting did not refer to the rest of the newspaper article,could it be a case of sour grapes from another paranormal group who does not have the reputation the uk-paranormal have acheived?...its a pity in this world so many people want to back stab..having spent a nite in uk paranormals company i can assure you they are a great group..who dont force you to beleive in anything..they explain things well and let yo make your own conclusions..They are honest and make no false claims..a very interesting nite its is but dont expect any scare trickery involved... nice to see a group thats not in it for making many groups seem to be falling into this and losing sight of what they are suppose to be lookig for...A highly recommended night for all..go look at their website..good work.

martino said...

I did refer to the article and just quoted a couple of bits from it. Nothing more. Clearly people read what they want into "Enough said".

I checked the rest of the news article and nothing in it would have altered my posting to inform my readers of something of interest.

It does say Unlike many ghost-hunting groups, they welcome sceptics and attempts to explain away freakish occurances. Well I am somewhat dubious of this since the most of the rest of the article refers to many events in one location associated with spirits or equivalent. We do not have any repeatable independently tested evidence nor any accepted physiological theory that requires "spirits". If UK-Paranormal have evidence, why not submit these claims to the ASKE psychic challenge and win £14,000 for their group?

Anonymous said...

can i just ask why it is you have decided to slate uk paranormal,after all they aint the first paranormal group to of been in the local papers?
can i also mention that the article did refer to goings on in one location as if you noticed the article was to referring to the television crew france 3 filming at plas-teg i take it that the group had been asked to report on plas-teg for the article.
Can i ask what knowledge you have of this subject?

martino said...

can i just ask why it is you have decided to slate uk paranormal,after all they aint the first paranormal group to of been in the local papers?

Short answer: just redid my news alerts and they were the first to appear.

Medium answer: I was getting annoyed at the amount of religion items and just wanted to get my content more balanced and was looking for different news items to bring attention to my readers.

Long answer:It is a good question when I have time will answer this properly in a post.

P.S.Tried to join your forum to find out more about you but I was not allowed.

Sheena Young said...

Hello Martin,
I wish to thank you for your application to UK-Paranormal, unfortunately it is a members only forum. However, we are in the process of making a forum for general public use and would welcome your comments when it's up and running.
Thank you also to Anonymous for the comments made.

Kind regards,
Sheena Young.

Anonymous said...

I have worked with many paranormal groups over the last few years and unfortunately so many of them have individuals that are happy to make things up to impress their paying public. This has now left me in a position where I have taken almost a years break from it all.

However, I have worked with Sheena and can say hand on heart that she is honest and genuine. One fine example of her work was at a public house in Cwm, North Wales, where Sheena psychically spoke words of a language unknown to her. After sufficient research I managed to translate this text best I could and it was an old latin phrase which could quite feasibly be attributed to the history of this building.

Research is where many groups fail. It's too much of a get rich quick scheme for most groups where the emphasis might as well be 'get paid, go home'. A true paranormal group is only after one thing...and that is the answer (including proof) to the question, is there life after death.

Keep up the good work Sheena and I'm glad your team is constantly becoming stronger as time passes by. You've done well and have proved many wrong along the way where they have had little faith in you.