Sunday, 12 August 2007

When did the police start collaring television?

Andrew Anthony, in the Observer's comment section discusses
Channel 4's controversial documentary Undercover Mosque was great investigative journalism. That the CPS thought it incited racial hatred beggars belief
It is a very good analysis of why the CPS has turned to focus, unfairly in my opinion, on the Dispatches production team. It has a lively comments section too. Have a look.


Anonymous said...

There is sufficient ground for Media Watch groups and OFCOM ,in particular to scrutinize the approach taken by Hardcash Production's documentary “Undercover Mosque” shown on Channel Four in early 2007.

Many viewers are disappointed as the documentary fails to maintain five vital standards, namely to:
Exercise caution on references to religion, its values and its institutions.
Demonstrate even-handed and neutral approach; and,
Discourage witch-hunts and ghost chasing attempts.
Applied standards uniformly as one sect member discredits another
Fails to vet the agenda-driven, politically motivated and selective remarks.

One wonders how "Hardcash Productions" got away with such a low-cost load of cheap tricks in its pursuit of "rants-for-ratings". How could HP be allowed to stir religious sentiments on prime time television? If such a trend is not discouraged, then expect tabloid-headline like tales creeping into realm of institutions of other religions too.