Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My Comments Elsewhere Widget and Installer

This is the Installer Form for the My Recent Comments Elsewhere widget. This relies on you having a social bookmarking account and be using (or plan to use) the "mycomments" tag to bookmark forums and blogs where you have commented[1] . The only real difference between this and the widget is that you have the date.

Why did I bother you may well ask? Well this was:
Anyway if you like it, here it is. I will publish the source shortly

Postscript: Form changed to button to launch popup window to install widget

Postscript 2: I realize now, of course, that this is a generic widget so why limit it to 1 tag? I will update and release a new version when I have time.

1."mycomments" has become the standard tag for this so I do not offer any options - you can easily change to it if you are using another tag in - I can add an option if you want, or you can modify the url once the widget is installed.


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