Monday, 19 April 2010

Letters to a Lapsed Pagan - Index

Fellow Brighton based sceptics Tim McGregor - founder of the Brighton branch of Skeptics in the Pub (why did they use the USA spelling for a UK originated idea?) - and myself, have agreed to discuss desirism and morality in an exchange of letters posted on our blogs. This post will contain the index of our letters and will be updated after letters are published.

Round 1

Tim has his first post up WTF is Desirism?
My reply is WTF is Morality?

Round 2

Tim has a reply, although he did not consider it this way, also called WTF is Morality? On the basis of this I pre-empting a fuller reply from Tim and saving him unnecessary homework (see my comment to his post).
I replied with a full description of desirism in Letter to a Lapsed Pagan II

Round 3

Tim has replied with a list of questions in Desirism II