Thursday, 29 October 2009

You Never Would Guess

I’ve been tagged by Luke at Commonsense Atheism to participate in an internet meme called "You Would Never Guess", which demands of its participants: “you have to tell me something unusual about yourself that I probably wouldn’t guess about you.”

Now I am dubious of the concept of "memes", however I quite like that the term has ... cough...evolved to be a label to get oblige fellow bloggers  to answer silly (and not so silly) questions.

So I was a pioneer and leading developer of day trading platforms in the 1990s. I am developing innovative energy derivatives trading platforms now.

Okay, as for this blog, my business obligations are too onerous (and interesting) to keep this up  properly. I will randomly post as and when I have time and when I want to get something off my chest. In particular I don't want to develop this to have an active comment base that I would not be able to maintain. In the mean time I can be found, occasionally, commenting elsewhere, as at Luke's blog now. If you are at all interested you track this from the "My Comments Elsewhere" column at the right of this page.

Oh dear, I realise I now have to tag someone else. Well I am glad that someone whose writing (far better than mine) I enjoy has woken up his blog. So to welcome him back, I hereby tag The Barefoot Bum with this meme.