Saturday, 18 July 2009

No posts = more subscribers !?

It seems that when I stop posting for a while, the number of those subscribing to my feed increases! Today it has reached a new high of 116 subscribers! I suppose if I wanted to grow my membership I should continue not to post, however since this is blog is an entirely self-indulgent brain dump and saves my friends from having to hear about my views on these topics, I will shortly resume posting, even if it decreases or, at least, prevents further growth in my subscriber base.


Matt M said...

It's a cunning plan.

I imagine the increase in subscribers is due to people getting bored checking the site for new posts and finding nothing. Why waste valuable time clicking when you can let your RSS reader do the work for you?

faithlessgod said...

Hi Matt

It is no plan just an observation. The count is now up to 122 although I seem to get more direct hits via my twitter followers (140 today) although I do not know how much duplication there is.

Not so busy now but I have nothing interesting to write about at the moment. I suppose because I am not bothered by nutjobs at the moment.