Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Two Debates Coming

Luke of Common Sense Atheism wrote a guest post for Unreasonable Faith called Morality Without Invisible Support. As Luke said "It’s basically a blurb for desire utilitarianism, like that trailer I made a while back. I’ll be answering questions over there in the comments." I became involved in this discussion, which has gone way over 100 comments. In particular I stated debating Yair on what has turned into two themes, a critique of Desire Utilitarianism and a critique of Moral Relativism. If anyone knows my blog they will know which side I am on on each of those themes (If you do not, this will become clear in the forthcoming posts).

Due to the inadequacy of Unreasonable Faith'' comment system we have decided to move this disucssion here and I am splitting it into two parallel posts on Desire Utilitarianism and Moral Relativism. I have an outstanding post to make about Blogger comments and alternatives but a feature lacking in Blogger but available in WordPress - namely blockquotes - as desirable as it first looks initially, seems to be more trouble than it is worth especially with most WordPress blogs lacking a preview or edit comment feature.

For anyone interested on my discussion with Yair here are the specific comment links. Note that when my comment gets mangled (the issue with blockquotes) I repost the rest of the comment in the very next comment, this time unmangled. (Bear in mind there are the not surprising scepticism of each others motivation when two people unknown to each other start a discussion on-line and some confusions. Hopefully we have got past this and some further productive discussion can result).
Any later comments are not relevant and I will use the above links here as a reference to anything I need to quote in the forthcoming posts.

Even though this is the result of a debate between myself and Yair by all means anyone who wants to chip in is more than welcome but please wait till I have put the key issues into my forthcoming posts on this blog.

(There are other outstanding posts I still need to make I will get round to them when I can).


יאיר רזק said...

Unreasonable FAITH man, not doubt... ;-)

I'll respond to the main post, once I read it and digest it a bit. (I agree with it's PS - let's move on this issue first.)

I actually like the blockquote thingie, but the lack of preview is a unbearable.

faithlessgod said...

Woops typo fixed!!! Interesting slip of the mind, more likely ;-)

Divided By Zer0 said...

Hmm, I see you removed you jscript comments from here as well. Nothing suits eh?

RE: Blockquotes:

I find them invaluable but only when used right. This is the reason why I use IntenseDebate as a way to reduce quoting by splitting replies to each different topic.

faithlessgod said...

I owe myslef a post on Blogger comments. I will make that the next one.