Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Should Sir David Eady Resign?

Being in a particularly grumpy mood this morning and examining the governments petition system, I submitted the following proposal for a petition, wonder if it will be accepted?
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ask Sir David
Eady to resign as a Judge, to stop bringing English Libel law
into disrepute.

Sir David Eady has repeatedly defined terms beyond conventional
usage and ignored adumbrations of such terms by defendents in
the original documents upon which libel cases were founded.

The latest example is over the term "bogus" in the case of the
BCA versus Simon Singh where, contrary to both conventional
usage and to Singh's explanation in the original Guardian
article he defined it as to mean "deliberate and targeted

It should not be up to any judge to define terms beyond any
possible charitable and conventional usage and, if allowed to
continue, is a serious threat to that cherished British value
of freedom of speech.
For more see An Astonishing Illiberal Ruling

I will give a more detailed analysis myself in future posts, but remeber IANAL.