Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Blogging Break

Some of my subscribers may have noticed a dramatic drop in the frequency of my posts recently. I have plenty of topics to write on but are probably more controversial than in the past and more likely to draw comments that warrant thoughful responses. I do not have the time to do this at present as I am busy setting up a new business. You can follow, if you are interested, what I am writing in the "My Comments Elsewhere" section on this page.


Luke said...

Awwwww... well, I look forward to your "controversial" posts when have time for them.

faithlessgod said...

Well as you can see from my latest post I need the time to make my points more clearly (and with no mis-attributions!) and to respond to comments which I do not the time for at the moment. My fault for writing that last post - it was a bit haphazard! :-)

hadiahkan said...

Take it easy men,
every body is need a break ;-)