Friday, 6 March 2009

Site of the Day: The Freethinker

This is the blog version of the oldest free thought magazine "The Freethinker" in existence, started in 1881. It is authored by Barry Duke who provides a humorously biting insight on many issues. He often gets to the news long before it is reported on Pharyngula and I have wondered if I could use this as a scource to scoop Pharyngula. However mine is not that type of blog and even if it were, I would think it better to recommend the sterling work done by Barry as a means to encourage him to carry on with this excellent and highly readable effort.

I notice that he just reported on a meeting of the Brighton & Hove Humanist Society. Now I keep on missing the Brighton & Hove Humanist Society meetings, especially since the first and only one I attended was truly dire - the worst meeting of its ilk I had been to in many years - possibly ever - yes, thinking about it, it was the worst ever and contributed to helping me think that Brighton is an intellectual wasteland, where no-one gives a damn about anything real. Still the fact that there are other bloggers around like Barry here (and Tom Morris and Ivan Pope) is clear evidence that this is not true. Judging from some of Barry's reports in his blog I might have just been unlucky in choosing that meeting. I will attend and report on this next one, we shall see (the odds of it being worse than the last one I attended must still be very low, but not sure if I am getting my Bayesian reasoning right on this...)


Danny Boy, FCD said...

I like that site. Fresh information most of the time.

faithlessgod said...

Just checking out your blog now too. How did you manage to keep your email address? I cant see how to access mine anymore.