Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Petition to bring Tony Blair to trial for war crimes

The Blair War Crimes Foundation has a letter signed by amongst others Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Richard Dawkins and Ken Loach addressed to the President of The United Nations General Assembly, H.E. Father Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, and The Attorney General of the United Kingdom, requesting that Tony Blair be indicted for war crimes.

The list of complaints includes:
1: Deceit and conspiracy for war, and providing false news to incite passions for war, causing in the order of one million deaths, 4 million refugees, countless maimings and traumas.

2: Employing radioactive ammunition causing long-term destruction of the planetary habitat.

3: Causing the breakdown of civil administration, with consequent lawlessness, especially looting, kidnapping, and violence, and consequent breakdown of womens’ rights, of religious freedom, and child and adult education.

4: Failing to maintain the medical needs of the populace.

5: Despoliation of the cultural heritage of the country.

6: Supporting an ally that employs ‘waterboarding’ and other tortures.

7: Seizing the assets of Iraq.

8: Using inhumane restraints on prisoners, including dogs, hoods, and cable ties.

9: Using Aggressive Patrolling indiscriminately, traumatising women and children and wrecking homes and property.

10: Marking bodies of prisoners with numbers, writing, faeces and other degrading treatment.

11: The use of cluster bombs and other indiscriminate weapons including white phosphorous on “shake and bake” missions.

12: Supporting indiscriminate rocket attacks from F16 fighter planes on women and children in Fallujah in Nov 2004

13: Supporting the shooting up of ambulances and medical personnel in Fallujah in Nov 2004

14: Supporting the expulsion of the entire population of Fallujah save for young men of military age, for a reprisal attack on that city in Nov 2004.

As Neil Clark says
Let's try and do all we can to make sure that this time next year, Bliar is not gallivanting round the world earning a fortune, but sitting in a small and none too comfortable prison cell.
I could not agree more, you can sign the letter yourself at petitionline


Danny Boy, FCD said...

Blair was here in the Philippines yesterday. I should've nabbed him when I had the chance. Maybe next time. :p

sgl said...

you do know Neil Clark is a jerk don't you

faithlessgod said...

Yes I have wondered about that but this did not prevent him from coming up with something interesting in this case. Just because I gave him that hat tip does not mean I endorse anything else he says but the same goes for any hat tip.