Friday, 13 March 2009

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What is Morality

Overviews of Desire Utilitarianism

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Desire Utilitarianism FAQ: Mostly points to articles and blog posts by Alonzo Fyfe - a much need index into his work on Desire Utilitarianism


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  • Desire Utilitarianism: An Atheist’s Quest for Moral Truth. Looking to make the world better than it would have otherwise been, Alonzo Fyfe answers the question “What is ‘better’?” - free online web book
  • The Cult of Justice and Will. Most of our moral choices take place in hypothetical worlds of the imagination. The Cult of Justice and Will is a science fiction novel written by Alonzo Fyfe. - free online web book
  • "A Better Place: Selected Essays in Desire Utilitarianism"
    links to a blog posting where Alonzo Fyfe describes a book he wrote
    that contains his principle essays in defense of desire utilitarianism
    and against competing theories such as Divine Command, common
    subjectivism, evolutionary ethics, and traditional act utilitarianism. (for purchase in ebook or physical form).
  • What is Morality - free eBook by lukeprog



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