Friday, 20 February 2009

Site of the Day: Secular Thought for the Day

The site I posted on last week is Secular Thought for the Day is up and running. I was planning to recommend it and coincidentally (yes, really) it is running my thought on Freedom today! Anyway also of note is another petition on this issue, please go and sign it, especially if you are in the UK. As far as everyone is concerned, whether you are based in the UK or not, and whether you have your own blog or not, if you can spare the time to write 300 words on a secular thought submit it and get it published that site.


TFTW said...

You might also like to listen to the thought for the day Podcasts, or read the transcripts, that are available at Thought For The World. There have been some great contributions over the last 2 weeks. Thank you Martin for promoting the cause and the petition.