Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Secular Thought for the Day - Author search

I am the 29th person to sign the pledge for George's: "I will set up a "Secular Thought for the Day" website but only if 30 people will agree to write an entry for it."

From the pledge:
Recently Gavin Orland created a pledge urging people to write to the BBC complaining about Radio 4's Thought for the Day programme. It generated over 1,500 pledges and plenty of press coverage. Sadly this enormous response has fallen on deaf ears at the BBC.

There is a need to take the campaign to the next level by being persistent and ensuring that the BBC cannot quietly forget about it.

If 30 people will agree to write a 300 word "Secular Thought for the Day" then I will set up a web-site that will publish them, one a day, for at least a month.

The web-site will show, by example, that Thought for the Day can present compelling moral and ethical points without the need for a religious angle.

To be clear, I will not accept submissions that make non-rational arguments. I will not discriminate against people because of the beliefs they hold, but their arguments must be rational. My decision whether or not to publish a submission will be final.

Additionally I may create a community forum, upload and publish supporting documents and arguments and encourage the site to be used as a focal point for further lobbying of the BBC. It will be rallying point and continuous reminder to them of the prevailing sentiment.
Only one more to go! Go on sign up.