Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Extra Large Blogger Template Editor

If you are a Blogger user who plays with their template you must get frustrated at the small text area to edit the template. This is a greasemonkey script which works in Firefox (and now in IE7 apparently). It
  • Squeezes Navigation Bar and Header Data
  • Widens Edit Space
  • Shows Clear Edits, Preview and Save Buttons without needing to scroll down
You need to install Greasemonkey if you have not already. You can install the firefox add-on here.You can download my script from Greasemonkey will then install the script.

Note: After saving a template, click the "Edit HTML" tab to clear the "saved /preview site" message.

For hackers, you can see the source code here. It can probably be tightened but it works for me.