Friday, 30 January 2009

Site of the Day: Skepfeeds

Skepfeeds is a human edited skeptical blog aggregator by skepdude:

An avid skeptical blog reader, I was at times overwhelmed with the sheer amount of skeptical blog entries being posted every day. It is hard to read through all of these blogs without having to endure some quite irrelevant entries (from the skeptical point of view). I wondered how would it be possible to weed out the irrelevant and get all the best entries in one place for everyone to read.

I was sure there was no easy way to do that. No automated software can easily distinguish a good skeptical blog entry from a dull one, the technology is not there. I realized that nothing can beat a human being, actually reading and picking out the best entries. So that is what I decided to do. It is my intention to peruse any worthy skeptical blogs daily and repost here at Skepfeeds, what I believe, to be the best entries of the day ... read more

Looks like a great idea and I hope skepdude will help solve my problem too, I want to read interesting and original content but have little time to find it. This would also help me avoid blogging on a topic that has been adequately covered elsewhere. On my daily reading list.

P.S. Is this ironical given my discussion over blogrolls and links that I found this on Massimo's blogroll? Well, actually, no, this does not contradict my point, I will read a personal hand created blogroll, (you can check mine out here). I just do not like automatically created ones that are listed by their members just to artificially inflate there popularity or rankings.

(h/t Massimo Pigliucci)