Saturday, 31 January 2009

The evolution of carnivals?

Whatever has happened to Tangled Bank? This used to the evolution blog carnival that I read, but it seems to have died. However speciation has lead to some new carnivals in this domain such as:

Carnival of Evolution
3.7 billion years of molecular changes culminating in the emergence of matter inspecting its own origins and existence

Linnaeus' Legacy
A monthly carnival celebrating the diversity of life on this planet, and the methods we use to understand it.

Mendel's Garden
A Blog Carnival Devoted to Genetics

Molecular and Cell Biology Carnival
A new venue for bloggers to contribute their thought and knowledge on topic pertaining to molecular and cell biology.

Oekologie is a traveling blog carnival reviewing the best ecology and environmental science posts of the month from all across the blogosphere.

See my carnivals bookmarks for a complete list