Monday, 26 January 2009

Blog Reconstruction Finished

I was playing around with my blog after coding the two Recent Post and Comments widgets. I have tightened it up, made it cleaner, made it faster and more functional (I particularly like my new Table of Contents - which also works[1] on archive and labels!).

Two or three more tweaks will be to re-add my bookmarks in a more compact fashion, update My Recent Comments Elsewhere (either using my own widget or a third party solution) and... maybe... try a decent third party comments solution (again). Plus I plan to make my widgets easier to install with not editing of any HMTL, not even in the widget itself.

It has been fun coding in javascript and playing wth CSS/HMTL but very shortly I will get back producing content rather than just blogging about blogging.

[1: Not to mention having a proper search list when you search for something in this blog. I have always hated having the full text for all posts appearing when doing a search]

Postscript: Okay everything is done for now. Now back to working and blogging!