Friday, 12 December 2008

Disqus Test 2 - please ignore

Test please ignore


martino said...

Nope not working :-(

martino said...

Searched for blogger help but the disqus help document on blogger is not ready yet!!!

Trying the forum - it is based on the same system but there is no search option!!!

Clearly not ready yet.

Uninstalling modded template

martino said...

Final comment test

Have reverted to pre-disqus template. Everything looks fine. 20 minutes wasted, no positive result but at least nothing lost either.

Anonymous said...

Intense debate worked for a bit at least :P

Friar Zero said...

I don't know what the problem is. It works just fine for me. Sorry.

martino said...

Friar Zero

No probs, not much time wasted. Will have a look at your site when I have time

Dbo and Friar Zero

Two competing comments system is this liek VHS versus Betamax?

Anyway unless I start regularly blogging again and start generating comments the current embedded system from blogger is good enough.

martino said...


I cannot leave comments on your blog. There is no comments form through whatever URL path I take to get to it. Plus your some of your links to comments (and contact) go to your gallery. I have no other way of notifying you of this but posting this comment on my own blog.

Anonymous said...

This is weird, nobody else has reported anything of the sort. Do you have javascript disabled perchance?

Which browser are you using?

PS, you always have many many ways to contact me ;)

Anonymous said...

PS: No wait, I found the problem. It seems that my gallery plugin broke the pages. check again.

I don't know if this will help with the comments as well but try them out as well

martino said...

The links no2 work. I found it was my problem with NoScript making untrusted! Anyway problem fixed but I made my latest post anyway :-)

(I now recall this was a result of when I was testing IntenseDebate on my blog, I was using Firefox/NoScript to test what was going on and accidentally left it untrusted after I had uninstalled it from my blog)


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