Friday, 19 October 2007

Want To Have Your Say On TV?

The BBC1 programme The Big Questions is looking for secularist voices to take part in future programmes. It is broadcast on Sunday mornings in the slot previously occupied by the Heaven & Earth Show. The Big Questions is similar in format to Question Time, with a panel of pundits, and an audience. However, the audience in this show is much more involved and given a lot more time to put a point of view. The programme will be in these places on these dates, and if you would like to be in the audience to comment on the questions of the moment from a secularist point of view, please contact Harry Robbins the researcher at

Future programmes will be at:

  • Sunday 21st Oct -- Oxford;
  • Sunday 28th Oct -- Liverpool;
  • Sunday 4th Nov -- Leicester;
  • Sunday 18th Nov -- Birmingham (TBC);
  • Sunday 25th Oct -- Oxford.
(via the NSS Newletter)