Friday, 10 August 2007

Where have all the crop circles gone?

Could it would have been the bad weather this year preventing the hoaxers from making them? Or the aliens have similar transport troubles to National Rail and it was the wrong type of rain? Or did the rain and floods wash them out (human, alien or otherwise)? Who knows? Who Cares. Well Geoff Ambler, of Oxfordshire Centre for Crop Circle Studies does. In the Oxford Mail he says

He said: "Two years ago it was very prolific and last year was rather good. But they don't seem to have come back to Oxfordshire this year.

After the terrific storm on July 20 the crop circles seemed to dramatically stop. Usually in that period up to July 30 we have a huge influx of circles but after the big floods there wasn't much anywhere in the region for five or six days."

Boo Hoo! At least this absurd belief is not leading its followers to overturn our society. If only all believers could be as innocuous, would not the world would be a better place?
"But there's no rhyme or reason for it. Some years are better than others. It may be that we have missed some this year and they have been chopped down by farmers before they have been found."
Is this the case? I would like to see a statistical analysis of the incidence of crop circles with, say, holiday weather? Hmmm.