Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Reviews of "Enemies of Reason"

Unreasonably superstitious (Telegraph)
Michael Deacon talks to Richard Dawkins

Charles Brooker's screen burn (Guardian)
This time round Richard Dawkins controls his temper, focusing it like a laser beam

Richard Dawkins and the New Age fakers (Times) by Paul Hoggart
New Age fakers beware, the tireless Richard Dawkins is on your trail

New age therapies cause 'retreat from reason' (SundayTelegraph) by David-Harrison
Known as "Darwin's rottweiler", Prof Richard Dawkins caused a furore with a stinging attack on religion. Now the evolutionary biologist has turned his wrath on "new age" alternative therapies, describing them as based on "irrational superstition".

The Gullible Age (Sunday Times) by Peter Millar
Richard Dawkins’s book The God Delusion sold a million copies. In a new and hilarious onslaught he pits hard science against astrology, tarot, psychics, homeopathy and other ‘gullibiligy'