Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Paranormal Database for the UK Online

A fascinating collection of resources about paranormal phenomenon in the UK covering reports, place, clubs, online groups and an event calendar. I like the intro to the paranormal calendar section:

The paranormal can be a creature of habit; dozens of ghosts are reported to return annually to a site special to them, fairies and the little folk have yearly meetings, famous battles are fought and refought…

This is a detailed list of reoccurring supernatural events, containing some two hundred entries. Some of the locations are well known, and attract scores of people each year, armed with video cameras infrared night scopes. Others are less well known, located in desolate and isolated areas away from the glare of public view.

The Paranormal Database should not be held responsible for any incident that doesn't occur when it is alleged!

Well it seems to lack any links to critical empirical approaches but still is worth a visit just to see the scope and range of paranormal happenings in the UK. This is sure to be of interest to my friends at UK-Paranormal, I would say they probably know about it but they are not, as yet, listed.


Anonymous said...

It seems UK-Paranormal have their own database which outlines hauntings across the UK and also lists paranormal groups across the UK, have a look on their website.

martino said...

Thanks, will check it out!