Friday, 3 August 2007

Amnesty Intl. Refuses to Change Abortion Policy Despite Catholic Objections

In case you missed this news, which is still reverberating around the xian world, I read in Christianity Today that
The worldwide human rights group Amnesty International has no plans to revoke its new policy backing abortion for women subject to sexual violence, rape or incest despite strong opposition from the Roman Catholic Church.

Can they not see what they are saying? Are they blind? This is not talking about abortion per se but ones that are the result of violence against innocent victims. The Roman Catholic Church would prefer that these, innocent, victims have such violence compounded, by forced pregnancies, with further potential damage, to these women themselves and possibly to their families too! Do they hate women so much that whatever happens to them is irrelevant, if it conflicts with some interpretation of the desires of a fictional being with a woefully antiquated and archaic worldview? How can anyone get comfort from such a system without being complicit in such outrages as these - surely is ignorance is no defence? The real cost is higher than just the sacrifice of truth on the altar of comfort, when they unabashedly do further violence in sacrificing these unfortunate women and their families to further suffering. What right do they have to do this? None that I can see nor should anyone, wanting to be a member of a sensible, modern society, be able to either.