Tuesday, 10 July 2007

God Is Not Great: The case against religion, by Christopher Hitchens reviewed by A C Grayling

" 'By their fruits ye shall know them', the Bible tells us. If that's the case, as Christopher Hitchens' razor-sharp new polemic points out, we should judge religion to be wicked and dangerous"

I have to say I am currently reading this book and thoroughly enjoying it. There have been some criticisms of this by the religiously inclined comprising of two things one saying something along the lines of "this book is not great" - well this is a matter of opinion but it is certainly to the point - and the only evidence they seem to have provided is an out of context quote on secular humanism (which I cannot at present find).

Anyway well worth reading and read this review if you have any doubts about buying this book.

Independent Review by A.C Grayling


Anonymous said...


i found an interesting blog that you might enjoy. i never thought of atheism or christians in the light that the blog painted.


an agnostic