Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Catholic Adoption Agency Will Close Before Giving Children to Homosexual Parents, Bishop States

The Catholics in Scotland are at it again. They still don't like the fact that running state funded adoption agency obliges them to cater to the needs of all children, regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents. Yes we are talking about gay adoption again. Now you may have your own personal views on this but that should be quite separate from what you do in a state funded agency where you are providing a public service and this is the issue here. This is no basis to think, that because of your religion, you can have any special license to exercise bigotry on the public purse, where no-one else in a similar position is allowed to. Well
"the Catholic Bishop of Motherwell, Scotland, Reverend Joseph Devine, stated that a Catholic adoption agency would close rather than comply with the recent UK Sexual Orientation Regulations (SOR) and allow children to be adopted by homosexual couples."
But not all will, since:

At the same time, certain Catholic adoption agencies said that they would become "gay rights martyrs," by remaining open and refusing to allow homosexual couples to adopt children. They hoped to then use any ensuing court battle to argue (based on Article 9 of the Human Rights Act) that all people have the right to freedom of religious expression.

Hmm. I have a dilemma here. On the one hand the we have the closure of an agency that has displayed its bigoted views, and this will provide more employment opportunities to non-bigots and the diversion of funds for their direct purpose, rather continual funding of an agency whose moral motivation to provide a public service looks highly dubious. On the other hand, other agencies are going to force the government to spend taxpayer's pounds to fight in court to preserve their bigotry.

As a final thought the agency that is closing down also provided abortion advice and counselling to pregnant women! What were those women thinking? I cynically can't help but wonder if their supplies of babies to adopt was driven by them convincing potential mothers not to abort, based purely on their beliefs and not the needs of the mothers...In which case their absence will not only not be missed but replacement services will not be required either!